Qualities of a Great CCTV Camera

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras have become more popular of late. This could be credited to their relatively lower price that makes them affordable to many individuals. Walking around many supermarkets or companies, and even private homes you'd readily see the CCTV system installed.

The systems of camera are linked to one tracking system whereby the user, through computer screens, monitors all the actions inside their premises. In order to get the ideal CCTV camera for your premises, there are a number of things one ought to look at. The following are some of the qualities of a great CCTV camera.

Day and Night Vision

Many CCTV cameras are only successful during the day as there's adequate lighting but are unsuccessful in lower lighting conditions at nighttime. A great CCTV camera can record even in darkness. The camera infrared LED's enable the camera to record quality footage when the light levels fall below specific amounts. The strength of your LED's will determine the extent your cameras see so it's great to get the ones with more powerful LED's. The light degrees of a camera are quantified in LUX (lx), the lower the number, the less light it is going to require to create an image. Most security cameras have a LUX rating of 1.0 or less, there are nevertheless some with a LUX evaluations as low as .003 LUX. Infrared cameras have a rating of 0.0 Lux.


Some of your CCTV cameras will need to be installed outside where they are going to be subjected to changing weather conditions. Some of the weather elements like rain are understood to damage cameras. A great CCTV camera thus needs to be waterproof to safeguard against any possible water damage.

High-Quality Videos

The pictures and videos your CCTV camera captures have to be of high-quality for them to be clear. This will be contingent on the kind and quality of the imaging processor your camera has. CCTV security cameras create images using CMOS and CCD (charged couple device) processors. The greatest CCTV cameras use the CCD technology. As opposed to the CMOS technology commonly used in lowly priced CCTV cameras, CCD makes better quality videos and has better light sensitivity. These processors come in different sizes like the 1/4", 1/3" or 1/2 ". The larger the size of the CCD processor the better the quality but the more money you will folk out.

Great Resolution

These are the black to white lines that can be worked out across the picture. It's a function of the variety of pixels that makes up the CCD imaging area and the camera circuitry bandwidth. For a sharper picture, the resolution amount should be higher. The usual entry level camera resolution is about 330 lines. Higher resolution cameras make better than 400 lines but will obviously cost you more.